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We're so glad you are coming on this journey with us as we explore & conquer the best beauty products & techniques.

There are so many different products, ingredients, brands and advice out there it can be super confusing. Fed up with this confusion, we started this journey to understand the different ingredients included in all these products better so that we could make educated decisions about what we were putting on our faces and what would actually work for us.

Our aim with this blog is to give you this information so that you can make informed decisions and know exactly what products will give you the results you are after. There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on products you're not sure about anymore. We'll share our findings as well as show you how to use products, the best combinations of products and provide a step by step beauty regime that won't exhaust you.

Here's our first tip; it may look like your products are jam packed full of all these amazing ingredients that are going to solve all your problems, but it's the first 3 ingredients mentioned on the label that matter.

These first 3 ingredients are what the majority of the product is made up of and they're in order of percentage included. Whilst the other ingredients are of course included in the product, they won't be a high percentage - some as little as 1%. And whilst this isn't a bad thing, it just helps to keep this in mind when choosing your products. There is no point paying more for a product that looks like it's got all these amazing ingredients when they all play a minuscule part in the formula.

So our advice, always check the first 3 ingredients. Definitely don't rule out all the others, but if the first 3 ingredients are a mix of Aqua & Parfum then you probably don't have a winner.

One of our favourite beauty products is The Ordinary's Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone. If you jump on The Ordinary's website and look up this product you'll notice there are only 4 ingredients. There's a winner! 

We lucked out with this product because there are only 4 ingredients, so they will all play a major part as opposed to a product with 24 ingredients, but hey! It's a good product.

We hoped this helped and you'll keep this in mind when choosing your next beauty product. 



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