How to apply oils!

This one is completely dependent on your skin type. Having an oil in your skin regime is a tick, so you're on the right track. But ever wonder if you're applying your products in the right order?

If your skin is oily, apply your oil first. This will allow the oil to work its magic and penetrate your skin to give you all the amazing benefits. Also think about it like this – if you have oily skin and you give your skin the oils it needs, then it will stop producing the oil that's giving you oily skin, right? You're welcome ;)

However, it's a different story if you have dry skin. If you have dry skin, moisturise first and then put the oil over the top as the last step – that way you'll lock in all that goodness and allow all your products to absorb into your skin and hydrate your face!

Now as mum always told us, don't rub your skin! Rubbing your skin (whether it be moisturiser, sun screen or anything else) only helps to increase skin elasticity which we do not want. The tips we remember that good ole mum taught us, plus years of experience, is always spread your moisturiser up your neck (nobody wants a gobble wobble – to anyone who has watched RHOC ;) ) and pat your products on. So what we mean for example is put your oil into your hand, and then pat it onto your face – as opposed to putting your oil straight onto your face and rubbing it in.

Lastly, wash your hands. Remember that everything you've touched that day is all over your hands. You really don't want to go rubbing that into your face. It sounds simple and like a duh! moment but it is so important. Wash hands with soap, then apply!

Follow these steps and you'll be closer than you've ever been to that smooth, glowing, fresh skin you have always wanted!










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